Début du combat : 03/01/2011

Combat porté par : Yann

Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie is a seaside resort which has a marina with 1,000 moorings, and it is also one of the popular surf spots of the Vendée Department. Every other year between October and April, silt from the marina is sucked up and disposed directly onto the large beach of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie via a custom-made canalisation system. The relocation of silt from ports is now recognised to be a major environmental issue for our coasts as these deposits very often contain a large number of pollutants, including residues from ship paints, hydrocarbons, and any pollution washed up by rainwater.  The relocation of the silt onto the beach has led to a ban on shellfish picking and on all watersports activities in the vicinity of the canalisation system. All users of the site denounce this ban and the bad water quality ensuing from those operations.

Since 2011, several letters have been sent to the Prefecture, the Sub-Prefecture, and to all the competent authorities to inform them and alert them to the situation. Having put much work into this fight, Yannick has passed the case to Yann, the representative of the SFE Vendée Chapter, who is supported by Sylvain, the representative of the SFE Indre-et-Loire Chapter. In January 2012, Surfrider entered into talks with the President of the Committee for the Protection of Nature and Places of Interest, who is soliciting the association's help to resolve this issue.

Yann has taken over the mobilisation and information efforts, and he collects information and witness reports from residents and users alike with the aim of putting a stop to the dumping of silt onto this unique place popular for leisure activities.

Le Gardien

Yann is the representative of the SFE Vendée chapter.

15. 1. Yann - rejets st gilles croix de vie - @ Yann Tassin

February 2011: Several letters have been sent to the Prefecture and Sub-Prefecture ...

Summer 2011: The Guardian continues to mobilize and inform the habitants and users of the ocean.

January 2012: contact with the President of the CNPS who wishes to receive help from SFE.

November 2013: Clap operations have since resumed in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, unfortunately, 3 new cases of young sick surfers are counted.

March 2014: Faced with the inertia of public policies, the Guardian of the coast and the Surfing Club St Gilles carried out first samples of seawater on the Grande Plage (St Gilles) to analyzed them, and to highlight this constant pollution.

October 2014: The “Surfing St Gilles” under the impulse of the Guardian have finalized the different stages of sampling. The analyzes carried out show a high increase of aluminum concentration during the dredging-clappings.

January 2017: Incident during the dredge at the fishing port on the pipe level crossing the road and at one of the breather located on the top of the dune. Video here

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