Début du combat : 09/10/2017


Matosinhos is the second most used beach by surfers in Portugal. On weekends, more than 500/1000 surfers use this beach. In 2016 a first alert was launched by the Municipal Council which warned all surf schools and surf associations, that the practice of wave sports and swimming are discouraged from November to March as the sewage treatment plant undergoing important works (secondary treatment) doesn’t treat the discharges during this period.

In addition to the wastewater treatment plant, many rivers and streams contribute to the deterioration of water quality. However, despite the goodwill of the municipal council, discharge of domestic wastewater, livestock and industrial have led to a deterioration of surface water quality in rivers and streams flowing to the coast.

Poor water quality is recurrent. Organic, inorganic and microbiological pollution has already been sampled with high levels of Escherichia coli among others. Integrated planning and management of water resources is also urgent.

In addition to this, a 400 million Euro proposal for a port extension might pose even larger threats to Matosinhos and Porto beaches. Within the current proposal, the waves and beach experience would be heavily affected.

Our keeper Ricardo, is supported by the Surfrider Foundation Porto Chapter. He ran a programme to measure water quality twice a month, by collecting concrete and independent data to put pressure on local authorities (city, government, etc.) to find sources of pollution and take measures to safeguard the environment and surfers in dialogue and transparency.



November 2016: Articles informed about the water quality problem in detail. This is due to an interruption of water treatment during the works of the water treatment plant planned for Mars. A problem of greater significance for this surf spot near Porto.

SURFTOTAL (Portuguese surf magazine) talks about it:


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